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    We produce a wide range of high-quality steel garage doors for family houses and separate garages.

On order, we produce steel garage doors

There is no doubt that beautiful house also needs a beautiful garage doors. Say goodbye to old and unsightly solutions, the time goes forward and so does requirements for garage doors. Our garage doors have a classic look, are very stable, resistant to vandals and long-term tested against bad weather conditions. Thanks to custom producing, we are not limited with anything and we produce doors exactly according to your requirements.


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Technical specification of PPI garage doors

The basic component of a door frame and a wing is a galvanized profile (1.5mm-2mm thick), which has double sealing at a door-frame and a wing contact point. The garage doors include a single-point lock, a safety shield fittings handle/handle (door knob/handle) and a cylinder.

Garage doors are delivered with pins against disengagement of the door wing.

We deliver the garage doors with simple or double glazing, insulated with PUR filling or as the thermal insulating doors, where we use the profile with the interrupted thermal bridge. The garage doors can be completed with ventilation grid.

Warranty period: 60 months subject to compliance with the conditions for carrying out regular service inspections according to Decree 246/2001 Coll. as amended.



Surface finish:

Epoxy 2-component colour for PUR filling or burned powder colour komaxit according to RAL sampler.

Fire resistance:

The garage doors can be completed in a that meets the fire resistance standard: EI15 – EI60DP1, EW15 – EW120DP1

Assembly variants:

single wing, double-wing, with the inserted door wing

Examples of the garage doors solutions

Photographs of custom-made garage doors



Garážová vrata
Garážová vrata
Garážová vrata
Garážová vrata
Garážová vrata
Garážová vrata