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Steel fireproof trapdoor

The base of this fire shutter is a proven sealing profile Z. The upper side of the trapdoor is accessible by sliding the opening handle onto the lock square and gripping the countersunk handle in the cover of the trapdoor. Wing manipulation is provided by two pairs of hydraulic pistons that are located in the bottom of the trapdoor and are dimensioned according to the calculation formula F1= G*a*11/x*b for the piston ejection force. Before the beginning of production, an individual calculation of the extraction force must be carried out based on the dimension, the requirement for the passage plate and any other requirements for the reinforcement of the structure. The trapdoor frame is seated on the floor along the entire perimeter and is seated in the prepared construction hole so that the frame circumference is embedded to a depth of 55 mm. Furthermore, the cover is provided on each side of the frame with welded flats for flooring. The flats are provided with an opening for the anchoring element. The gap between the door frame and the brickwork is filled with mineral wool, eventually with flexible sealant INTUMEX MG.

Warranty period: 60 months subject to compliance with the conditions for carrying out regular service inspections according to Decree 246/2001 Coll. as amended.



Surface finish:

Burned powder colour to RAL sampler.

Fire resistance:

EI15 – EI90DP1, EW15 – EW120DP1

Safety class:


Assembly variants:
single wing, double-wing



PDF files to download

Trapdoor seating

Fireproof series

Production assortment of products with fireproof certification

Protipožární vrata
plaminek Fireproof
Protipožární dveře
Protipožární poklopy
Protipožární okna a prosklení
windows and glazing
Protipozarní dvere se zvukovou propustností
doors with reduced sound permeability
Protipožární dveře do kabelových kanálů
plaminekCable canal
fireproof doors


Fireproof doors
with ventilation

Unique product that solves a lot of problems with fire safety and air ventilation in a fire zone.

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