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    Unique product that solves a lot of
    problems with fire safety
    and air ventilation in a fire zone.

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    Unique product that solves a lot of
    problems with fire safety
    and air ventilation in a fire zone.

Fireproof doors of SIMPLEX system

The doors allow easy control of the second fire section with a simple glance through the door grid. These spaces can be ventilated with closed fire shutters of individual sections. The fire shutter eliminates the need of using electromagnets and complicated installation of the EPS system. That not only saves time in implementation but also reduces financial costs.

Surface finish:

Burned powder colour to RAL sampler.

Fire resistance:

EI15 – EI90DP1, EW15 –EW120DP1

Assembly variants:
single wing, double-wing, with the inserted door wing

Warranty period:
60 months subject to compliance with the conditions for carrying out regular service inspections according to Decree 246/2001 Coll. as amended.




  • Fireproof shutter with ventilation
  • Ventilates with a closed-door wing
  • Ventilates without the possibility of pest passaging
  • Up to 95% air permeability
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Possibility of replacing damaged valve system
    type S1 without removing the door wing


vizualni kontrola
You can visually check the fire section
behind the door through the ventilation grid
of the valve.


typ S1


Thanks to the possibility of replacing the valve systems, it is suitable for cable canals, collectors and other industrial objects with increased risk of mechanical damage.

typ S1


So-called "smooth" design is dedicated for conference rooms, office spaces, residential buildings, etc.


Principle of valve functionality


The valve is secured on the top of the door filling with a special cord, which, in the case of a fire, is released as a result of heat (90 - 95°C). The valve drops into the lower part of the frame by its own weight, where it is sealed with a foaming band around the circumference and sides.

klapka otevreno1. the cord holds the ventilation
flap in the open position
klapka uvolnena2. in the case of fire
the cord releases the flap
klapka zavreno3. the valve dropped to
to the closed position



Example of use

The SIMPLEX system allows for its versatility in the number of ventilated openings in the door wing to enable endless use when designing ventilated space options. Here are just 3 examples of use.


kabelovy kanalCable canals and collectors
outside the object
kolektory vstupuCable canals and input
serverovnaServer rooms, technical spaces,
colour warehouses, etc.



  • Dvere S Provetravanim
  • P1010283
  • Simplex 02
  • Simplex 03
jedna dve mrizky


Regulation of the amount
of ventilated air

The amount of ventilated fresh air can be selected by adding a multiple number of ventilated openings in the door wing
see pic 1 and 2.



kominovy efekt

Chimney effect

An example of the exchange of undesirable vapours, temperatures, humidity, etc. with the chimney effect with the SIMPLEX fireproof doors, which meet all fire protection requirements while ensuring air circulation.



Fireproof series

Production assortment of products with fireproof certification

Protipožární vrata
plaminek Fireproof
Protipožární dveře
Protipožární poklopy
Protipožární okna a prosklení
windows and glazing
Protipozarní dvere se zvukovou propustností
doors with reduced sound permeability
Protipožární dveře do kabelových kanálů
plaminekCable canal
fireproof doors

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